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Recognise These Situations?

Inventory/Stock Controllers: You face problems every day managing inventory. Problems your employer may not recognise. Does it always seem to be your problem?           We understand... and can help.

Employers: You know how important inventory management is to your financial success. You know your employees are not suitably trained. You know inventory managment training is expensive.          We understand... and can help.

How can we help?

We provide Inventory Management Training Materials - downloaded to your pc consisting of:

1. A self study guide - 8-10 pages explaining one of the 7 "must know" inventory  skills:(what it is, how is it calculated, how to use it)

  • The Result: All the information you need in one document
  • No need to waste hours of your time downloading multiple articles from the Internet. Often poorly written. And not explained well.

2. A comprehensive inventory spreadsheet

  • The Result: Enabling you to "learn by doing". Using your own company data.
  • Not just a simple formula calculation but a comprehensive working system of inventory analysis and detailed reporting.

3. A professional video - explaining "how to use" the inventory spreadsheet

  • The Result: A very quick learning curve
  • Step-by-step instructions. You are not left to work it our yourself


Our approach is entirely new. There is nothing like it on the Internet.

Another brillant feature. Each module is distributed via an Adobe AIR application. The advantage: you can select the guide, inventory spreadsheet or video from a menu. No need to worry about managing 3 separate files and wondering, “Now, where did I put that file…?”

Click for a quick overview of this unique approach

So What's In It For You?

Inventory/Stock Controllers:

1.   You’ll gain new inventory analysis skills in the most convenient location of all – your PC
2.   You'll become a master in the 7 "must know" inventory skills
3. You'll be able to make an impression by demonstrating new inventory analysis and inventory skills and how to apply it in real life
4.   The stress in your life will reduce by being in better control of your inventory processes
5.   Your career will be in your own hands. No need to wait for your employer
6.   With new inventory analysis skills come new job opportunities


1.    Enabling you to provide cost effective inventory management training
2.   Enabling new inventory analysis techniques to be tested with your company data
3.    Will reduce the pressure and stress on your employees. - They feel in control
4.    Enabling the redesign and formalization of inventory management processes
5.    Enabling new performance measures and accountabilities to be agreed
6.    Enabling a focus on working capital reduction

The 7 "must know" Skills

1.    Reorder Point
2.    Periodic Review
3.    ABC Classification and Analysis
4.    Inventory Measures
5.    Inventory Accuracy and Inventory Loss
6.    Inventory Cycle Counting

7.   Lot Sizing (coming soon)


Iron-Clad Guarantee

You’ll also receive 30 days of dedicated e-mail support when you purchase any module along with free software enhancements (should any occur) for the next 6 months.

If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, you have 30 days to request a 100% refund just briefly let us know why

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Your Next Step?

Select a inventory skill module. Read all about it. Download and Test with you data. You will not be disappointed

DISCLAIMER. PLEASE NOTE: the inventory spreadsheets are offered as training aids only. Those who install and use them in a commercial environment do so at their own risk.




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